I haven’t posted on here in a while.
Things are okay, though I’m struggling a bit at the moment.
Love you all x x x x


Only in Britain…


British families (apart from the German man) watching The Day of The Doctor.

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When my mom is helping me through a rough procedure…



"My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness."

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How to outwit a polar bear….

I feel sick, I look sick and I’m sick of it…seriously. I hate being ill. Some days the enormity of life just hits me. Why do I have to live a life like this? Why do I have to give up on all my hopes and dreams and go to just wanting to feel alive. Because that’s all I want now. I want to feel better because I’m sick of the pain, even the moments I am happy are soon clouded over by this pain and illness.
There is a difference between breathing and living.
I want to be alive, just feel like I am living a normal life. It’s not fair and I know complaining can’t change anything. But it’s just not fair.

When a friend can no longer handle my sickliness…


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